Khem Sorn Plai

Khem Sorn Plai

Otro nombre: เข็มซ่อนปลาย


“Khem Sorn Plai” is the story of a beautiful girl named Cherd, who is stuck in a marriage with Dr. Ruengboon in an overseas country. In a loveless marriage, she finds herself falling for, Lanna, a Thai student who has come overseas to study. However, Dr. Ruengboon refuses to give Cherd a divorce and this keeps her bound to him unwillingly. Eventually, Lanna returns to Thailand and begins a new life by marrying Yaowayod, a young woman who is perfect in both looks and social status — and most of all was chosen for him by his mother. Despite having a sweet wife, Lanna can not forget Cherd and continues to keep the dazzling girl in his heart silently.




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